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D 472 Kantate zu Ehren von Josef Spendou (op. posth. 128)

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Signature: MH 30
Title: Kantate zu Ehren von Josef Spendou
Head title: Cantate von H. Prf. Hoheisel
Text incipit: Da liegt er, starr, vom Tode hingereckt
Persons involved: Hoheisel, Johann Baptist (Text author)
Dated: Sept. 1816
Period of origin: 3rd quarter 1816

Kind of issue: score
Type of document: worked on manuscript
Genre: lieder --> cantatas
Instrumentation: soli
soprano I
soprano II
mixed choir
Text language: deutsch

Watermarks: 1 , 3 , 2
Material for writing down: ink brown
Paper for writing onto: paper grey
Height and width (in cm): 30,5 x 24,2 (25 x 20,1); 30,8 x 24,2 (25,9 x 20,1); 30,7 x 23,8 (25 x 20,1)
Format: landscape 4
Pages: 21 sheets (42 p.)

Collection: Wienbibliothek im Rathaus (Link zum Katalog)

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