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D 324 Messe in B (op. post. 141)

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Signature: MH 25
Title: Messe in B
Head title: [auf manchen Stimmen:] Missa in B
Text incipit: Kyrie eleison
Parts of the work:
Persons involved: Doppler, Josef (17921867) (Copyist)
Schubert, Ferdinand (17941859) (writer)
Dated: without date
Period of origin: 4th quarter 1815
Neue Schubert-Ausgabe (vol. no.): I/2

Kind of issue: instrumental part; vocal part(s)
Type of document: partial autograph, copy of a different hand with autograph entries
Genre: sacred music --> masses
Instrumentation: choir
vocal solo
Text language: latin

Watermarks: 1 , 72 , 25 , 69
Material for writing down: ink brown; black-brown
Paper for writing onto: paper brownish; greenish-ocher; ocher
Height and width (in cm): 23 x 29,5 (18,3 x 24,7); 23,1 x 29,5 (18,4 x 24,3); 23 x 29,3 (18,4 x 24,4); 23 x 29,3 (18 x 24,3); 23,2 x 29,4 (18,4 x 25); 23 x 29,5 (18,4 x 24,4 and 24,7); 23,1 x 29,5 (18,6 x 24,3 and 25,2)
Format: 4
Pages: 6+6+4+4+6+4+4 sheets (62 p.)
Comment: 1. Partial autograph of the organ part, written by J. Doppler, figures from Bc and numerous dynamic markings by Franz Schubert. 2. Partially autograph Sopran and Alt voice parts, Solo and Tutti (2 x). Comments by different hands; some parts collated by Ferdinand Schubert; for a detailled manuscript description s. critical commentary of the Neue Schubert-Ausgabe.

Collection: Wienbibliothek im Rathaus (Link zum Katalog)
Previous owner: Doppler, Joseph
Dumba, Nikolaus

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